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ExploitedCollegeGirls Melanie Marie and Raina Rae The I’m Going To Lick Your Vagina Gaze

ExploitedCollegeGirls Melanie Marie and Raina Rae The I’m Going To Lick Your Vagina Gaze

ExploitedCollegeGirls Melanie Marie, Raina Rae The I’m Going To Lick Your Vagina Gaze”
Holy Mother Fucker of all things good because today we’ve brought back to the ExCoGi lair an all you can eat sex banquet of Melanie Marie, who’s already a new fan favorite I might add, and this strawberry shortcake lost her pornginity just a few short weeks ago here on this exact bed. And if you’re paying attention you also might have noticed there’s another absolutely gorgeous gift from the heavens accompanying her, a vision with dimples that’s making her debut today and her name is Raina Rae, and there’s just something special about these two. For one, they’re two of the hottest girls we’ve had here lately and since we haven’t had a Boy/Girl/Girl threesome in like forever, March 17, 2022 to be exact and we are way past due for some hot girl on girl power action. So as we probe our hotties for the ins and outs of their sexual experiences with guys, girls and groups, Mr. Black Shirt pulled the ultimate power move and told the girls to take off their tops at (7:34) since girls just love to be told what to do, revealing what spectacular boobs both of these girls are sporting. Oh and if I didn’t mention this already, today’s another first for Raina to check off her to-do list because it’s her first ever threesome. . . EVER!!! Wow, and Melanie’s just the second pussy she’s ever licked, for REAL. Pinky swear, and her first lesbian experience was over at our new Girl/Girl site entitled: “She’s A Natural at This,” with Lena Anderson that launches this month so go check it out. We also find out that Raina did Anal for the very first time EVER also here with Tyler Nixon, so keep your one-eyed monster on the lookout for that release as well. Let’s see, what else did Raina do with us for the very first time. Her First Black Cock and BBC ever was over at, which she just absolutely loved. But today she’s getting to experience the best of both worlds and Cam’s the lucky SOB that gets to stick his dick into the slits of these two yutes. What’s a “Yute” you ask? Well if you don’t know go watch the classic, who’d-done-it and absolute nail biter, action packed drama of an over the hill wannabe lawyer who can’t commit named Vincent Gambini in My Cousin Vinnie. Funny movie, but the real question I have for both of you girls is, and lets all sing it like Wheeler Walker Jr. does. “Have you ever been fucked, fucked, fucked by a country boy? Rammed, rammed, rammed by a redneck? Spread, spread, spread by an [scratched record sound ] because Cam, and his white wife beater made their entrance at (13:55) and like the true OG and absolute legend he is began making out with Raina while he used the Magic Wand on Melanie’s pussy as she licked Raina’s beautiful snatch. You’re making every red-blooded male jealous with envy buddy because the way Melanie looked up at you at (19:56) as Raina sucked on her clit is every man’s fantasy and some days are just better than others I suppose. Next, Cam gets to stick his dick into Melanie and as Raina mounts Melanie’s face at (22:00). . . Well, it’s a picture of perfection is what it is. She also makes her passion for today’s sex very known as she makes out with Cam as Melanie flickers her tongue over her pussy lips and I can only imagine the joy running through Cam’s mind at this exact moment. These girls are really into each other, and apparently Cam as well, as they show their love of licking pussy, and even though this is only Raina’s second time doing it, the way Melanie massages and plays with Raina’s nipples at (32:39) as she tastes her pussy shows their love of girly parts. Butt Plugs make their appearances at (35:07 and 39:38) respectively and illustrates just how tight these girl’s assholes are because the first attempt at Raina’s asshole was a fail. Trust me, Cam eventually made it fit and eventually DP’d both of them with Toys the rest of the scene. Now if you haven’t fucked a girl while she’s 69’ing another girl and while that’s happening one girl is licking your balls as your cock glides in and out of the other girl’s tight snatch like it does at (46:58) then you haven’t lived. Trust me again on this one. It’s fucking awesome, and the way these girls eat each other out is the debauchery express to Sinsville. It’s fun being naughty isn’t it and these two could write a few chapters about it in Lucifer’s memoirs. Epic, and I got to say the look of just pure ecstasy on Cam’s face as he peers over Melanie’s perfectly shaped ass at (53:47) as these two goddesses do a Double Blowjob is priceless, just priceless. I hope you also like the PIP of the Double BJ action because at (56:50) with both girl’s asses in the air sporting butt plugs, Mr. Black Shirt holds a Magic Wand on each of their twats and now it’s a party! This position also goes on for almost five fucking minutes and its just awesome. It could have been longer in my opinion because who doesn’t enjoy two hot girls sucking your dick at the same time. I do!!! And that’s about all she wrote folks because you just have to watch this scene yourself to witness its totally massive awesomeness! So until next weeks update I bid you all farewell. Steve

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