Hadiya Honey – Who’s In Charge

Hadiya Honey - Who’s In Charge

Hadiya Honey – Who’s In Charge
Hadiya wants to get more money and work fewer hours to take a trip with her friends. Thinking she can outsmart Quinton, her boss, she tries to blackmail him using screenshots of him interacting with younger women on a dating app. But the joke is on her, as Quinton pushes back, threatening to fire Hadiya and ruin her reputation as a babysitter if she reveals those screenshots to anyone. Knowing she overstepped the boundaries, Hadiya asks for a middle-ground solution–music to Quinton’s ears. The new arrangement includes the bedroom and Hadiya pleasing his cock until he’s satisfied, but why stop there? Hadiya realizes that she can take it a step further and get a lot more money from him–a win-win for everyone!

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