Parasited Emiri Momota Emiri’s Adventures

Parasited Emiri Momota Emiri’s Adventures
Emiri’s Adventures include 3 crazy parasited adventures for Emiri Momota!
Warning: The 3rd video contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing or unsettling to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
Adventure 1
Emiri Momota is lying in her comfortable bed, enjoying the silence when suddenly she feels something slimy crawling on her body. The alien parasite slides inside her pussy and a few days later she wakes up in a prison cell. The parasite’s influence makes her crave extreme sexual pleasure and she starts to masturbate.
Adventure 2
Emiri wakes up in a prison cell, chained to the walls near her boyfriend, Sam. Emiri wants to check on Sam, but suddenly a swarm of parasites crawl out of Sam and slides inside her pussy. Instantly, the aliens take control of Emiri and send her into a state of intense, wild lust.
Adventure 3
After a hard workout session, Emiri is heading to the locker room. On the way there, the manager of the place decides to make a move on her. She strongly rejects him and goes to change her clothes. She didn’t know that the manager was watching her through the camera and she also didn’t see the alien parasites crawling to her…

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